Bikes4You source and sell the finest classic and vintage bicycles .We stock a variety of vintage bikes and classic frames. Bikes4you is a unique online store, where you will find a wide selection of classic bike. Follow our ideas that cycling doesn’t have to cost the earth.


If you’re ready to buy your own bike, the cost can vary but once you’ve bought your equipment it’s completely free, unlike some activities that rely on you paying weekly for classes.  You can cycle pretty much anywhere, anytime, absolutely for free.


The bike has many advantages. It is often the fastest vehicle in our traffic congested cities. Its reliability is not limited only to the lack of traffic jam but also the lack of electric problems such knows in cars.


Bike gives you freedom, lets you choose routes in the streets, through the forest, parks or other shortcuts not accessible to other vehicles. Traffics, petrol stations - it just does not concern us. The bike is simply the best choice for you and won’t cost the earth.


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